Photographer Keith Mumma travels the world “to get the shot’ for his corporate clients. Whether it is farmers in Italy, a CEO in Michigan, a manufacturing plant in Belgium, a pharmacy in Mexico City or children in Haiti, Keith has planned it, photographed it and delivered it on time, on budget and on message.

Keith´s gallery of images have illustrated annual reports, corporate and sales brochures, press materials, CD covers, and countless other materials. His photos have also appeared in such notable publications as Newsweek and Business Week.

Keith´s clients include Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, large private foundations and small nonprofit organizations, state universities and private colleges, worldwide public relations firms and regional ad agencies.

Going on location to photograph people and places is Keith´s specialty. He is especially skilled at working in tightly controlled environments such as pharmaceutical laboratories and hospital operating rooms. But he is equally adept at working in casual, natural-light settings indoors or out.

Whatever the environment, from boardroom to factory floor, classroom to quad, pharmacy to farm, Keith knows how to light it, frame it and shoot it. And whomever the subject, from CEO to line worker, shy child to celebrity, Keith is skilled at directing them and putting them at ease. He always comes back with dynamic images that will grab a viewer´s attention and deliver a client´s message.

Keith´s love of photography and interest in Haiti led to his designing and photographing the books Degaje: Children of Haiti and Faces of Hispaniola for the organization International Child Care. The day-to-day lives and the culture of Haiti are captured in his photos. Warm, funny, respectful and beautifully photographed, these black and white images give the viewer a true sense of the Haitian people and their country.

Keith Mumma has been the recipient of many awards for his photography. He is a Nikon photo contest winner, received a gold award for ARC, and recently has won an AR 100 award.

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